bacon back, gouda and apple waffles

step one - buy your sh!t
step two - organize it, cut it, portion it, eat some of it
step three - get cooking

Use pre-mix batter, I'm lazy and I like to save time where I can. I don't believe brown bread is better for cooking and I don't like Coyote Pancake mix. I find it dry and heavy. I choose Aunt J buttermilk mix - add eggs and milk. Make a single recipe unless you have more than two eating.

Dice your bacon, slice your bacon, chop it or julienne it, I don't really care. I've done some slices and some dices just thinking that dicing will get you more bacon to the bite, but cutting it seems right and more "meal like". Buy good bacon you cheap bastards, shop the flea market, buy quality back bacon.

Slice your cheese thin, don't slice your fingers. I suppose you could use other cheese aside from gouda, I suppose you could also be cooking something else.
Get your pan hot and fry up the bacon quickly, it won't take long. In the meantime plug in your waffle iron and get a small bowl of oil with a brush. If you don't have a brush you can use spray oil I guess *shiver* or just dip a paper towel into the oil and wipe down the iron once it reaches temperature.

Add your batter to the iron once the light goes off, layer bacon, cheese and apples as you desire (there will be spillage if you overpack it)

Me pressing the goods. No you can't see me!
I like to put a few apples on top, the burnt sugar is yummy

viola, that's no namby pamby waffle kids. Top with your choice of syrup or jam, don't forget to put some butter on it damn it!


Ingredients : Back bacon, apples, gouda cheese, Aunt J pancake mix, Aunt J butter syrup (my fave) and butter damn it!

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