Turkey breast with stovetop stuffing waffles, garlic mashers and steamed broccoli

The way it breaks down......

You get a craving for some turkey, some gravy and some delicious potatoes. Do you just sit there and wait? Hoping for something else to come along, or do you get up...grab that dang waffle iron...and get cook'n!?!?!

Well, on sunday I had that exact craving and damn it I whipped it up fat cook'n style.

First, get an appetite. These waffle creations are filling!

What you'll need -

waffle iron,
stove top stuffing,
turkey (who gives a damn how you cook it),
for two people you need 4 to 6 potatoes (leftover potato sandwiches are always tasty, a bird told me to fry them up like grill cheese. Look for the in a "snackers paradise" blog entry),
butter, milk,
aunt j mix,
gravy (use a package if you don't know anything about gravy, if you do, don't bother asking me as I use a package to save time and because I'm an swg and cook for one or two, making gravy for two sucks. I want the cauldron, the flat cooker the 20gallons of roasted thigh bones and vegetables simmered to perfection and turned into the heart stopping vein clogging gravy.),
garlic (as much as you want),
broccoli florets

Bottom line about the turkey. It taste better than chicken, is better for you and costs less. Eat a butterball, a Hutterite or an oven ready Maple leaf. It's all better than McDeath and you don't have to know jack about it to do it. Throw some spice on it, grill it fry it or stick it in the oven.

Here we go, lay all your stuff out. Get your stove topping in a pan (only takes a few minutes to cook), get your potatoes into a pan filled with water after cutting them into 2" cubes to speed cooking. Get your turkey cooking ( it takes the longest), fire up your package gravy adding some pepper and spice as required (add some damn it...whatever you added add a little more) it gets better the longer it sits just don't burn it. Set up your broccoli in a steamer and sit tight, it only takes a few minutes so don't cook it until you put in the first waffle.

Once everything is going...sit back and relax. Order of operations is, turkey will take however long it takes depending on what kind you're having, how you're cooking it and everything else. You figure that out for yourself...that's how long it will take.

This seems like a lot happening at once and for some maybe it is. But here's the breakdown.

You start the potatoes about 20minutes before the turkey will be done. While you're mixing the potatoes get mixing happy and mix the waffle mix as well. Once the potatoes are done and tasty (if you use anything less than 3/4 cup of milk you won't have nice potatoes. The starch will absorb and thicken the liquid, you can add lot's of creamy goodness without fear of potato soup) set them aside and keep them warm. Turn on your stuffing and the waffle iron.

yummy. Mix the finished stuffing right into the waffle batter. Add some spices if you like but the seasoning from the stuffing should be enough. Add it to the waffle iron

Damn this stuff was thick...ooozzzziing!

el' perfecto

Plate it up so it looks nice. Take your time, have some fun. If it looks good it will taste great!

I added some toasted buns. Put the turkey (after slicing) right on top of the waffle (1/2 a belgian) and smothered it with gravy. I hope you didn't forget to steam your should have done that when the first waffle hit the grill. Some people over steam, it's better to under steam. So don't leave them too long, watch for the colour to improve to a dark green, then yank them.

Slather it up...damn did it look good!

The finished product!

My blog is worth $2,000,000 The fat recipes are like gold.
How much is your blog worth?