We got us a Huttterrrite chicken

The stage has been set. Fire is just right, more wood is ready. At this point I was figuring around 45 min cooking time.

I don't have any pictures of the chicken before we started dressing it...but here's the rundown. 5 days camping, 4 coolers filled with goods. This large breasted cock took a can of water, filled with crushed rosemary, garlic and pepper, right up the whatsup like a champ. Once firmly seated into the cast iron I realized that the chubby chicken would burn to a crisp if I didn't find a way to separate it from the heat. Voila...lettuce. The baddest most resilient vegetable known to me. You can use lettuce in a burger if you like to wear pink on fridays or you can use lettuce to protect a delicious steam shot chicken from burning to a crisp. Personally I hate pink so you know where I stand.

This is the chicken with a little brown sugar and butter on the outside. I jammed the lemon in for wowed NOW damn it. The red onions were a wild card but they turned out to be a good choice. See below....

Anyway the lettuce was laid down and a hole was trimmed into it (it's about 5 leaves deep) so that the can would have direct contact with the pan. We're camping so of course it's over an open fire. That means tin foil is your best a damn good fire. Hot but not on fire, lot's of coals and good heat capture within the fire pit itself. I've wrapped an entire pit in tinfoil while cooking do what you need to do.

We wrapped the entire pan with foil...this is about 4 layers around. I wasn't thinking much when I did this...what will happen when you steam the brown sugar and butter....duh...

It comes off! However it formed a delicious little sauce when combined with the chicken juice, lettuce and everything else. The chicken here is perfectly done and nearly falling apart. Yeah steam shot cooking.

It did fall apart a bit...this is just laying here waiting for a plate! So good...I think the bears, the park warden and the Colonel were actually trying to contact us at this point with dinner reservations. was so darn good. A little stuffing, some co-op mixed veggies in a can and you've got a deeelicious camp cooking experience!

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