Bam...you have been transported to breakfast heaven!

It's whatever time in the morning you feel like getting up, you've got this hankering for a hunkering of something smack damn dankering delicious. Now obviously that involves pork products and specifically bacon...but there's more to life than pork obviously. Baileys, apples, brown sugar, white flour bread products, Aunt J's butter flavoured syrup....today all of these will act as pork angels as we take a trip to breakfast heaven.

Sweet and delicious farmers market apples. Sliced up and sprinkled with brown sugar for a little maceration action. If you don't know what that means it's ok...it just means that the sugar will pull the juice from the apples while absorbing the brown sugar flavours.

Cast iron grill is in action...fresh flea market double smoked bacon and sausages.


The apples hit the pan with about a half lb of butter...*drool*

They took along time, if I could have done it again I would have built that section of fire way hotter to deal with it.

The french toast mix is ready to rock

Grilling them to perfection. Be prepared on an open fire for the first ones to either be too hot or too cold, adjust the fire from there.

Topping it up with some of the apples. Where's the juice? I mistakenly got rid of most of it thinking...well not thinking.

Two plates of perfection

Mixing it up


My blog is worth $2,000,000 The fat recipes are like gold.
How much is your blog worth?