Buffalo Philly Cheesesteak

Time to finish the buffalo. Normally I wouldn't eat this much red meat in this short of time but since I was having people over for grub I said...what the heck.

I was trying to find some jalapeƱo havarti cheese however the COOP didn't have any so I settled for Garden Medley or something like that. Easy solution for some bite...jalapeƱos themselves.

We've got some green peppers, onions, butter, loaf of french, bison steak, cheese, some baked potatoes and a little salad to round out the mix. Clean your work space...don't follow my example.

get to work...(yeah're probably supposed to be working right now)

always curl your finger tips away from the knife, unless you want to lose them.

choppin jalap's and watching "Swiners" Steamwhistle beer get warm.

yummy...we just warmed the butter a little and then mixed in the diced/minced spicy peppers and about a pound of garlic. Make it the way you like it. If you want to feel the butter run down your chin add as much as you like. * disclaimer* I don't recommend that...but it sounds delicious!

Lay it all out on the french loaf cut in half...turn your oven on broil

we broil the bread first to crisp it up, then we put on a thin layer of cheese and put it back into the oven to soften that up even more. At this point I could have eaten it as is with a nice plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

Almost blue rare...perfect. For those of you who don't like rare-ish meat, buy beef. Buffalo doesn't like to be over cooked. We chose to cook this as rare as possible as it's going back into the oven and will cook more.

Ready to be laid....

I was over thrown on the done-ness of the buffalo so to appease the less blood thirsty we poppoed it into the oven with the peppers and onions for a few minutes.

Grilled to perfection

up close and personal with the sandwich

Dinner is served...

It was tasty, not too fatty (just the butter on the potato and the sandwich...cheese doesn't have fat in it does it?) :)

My blog is worth $2,000,000 The fat recipes are like gold.
How much is your blog worth?