Pizza - yo

A bad ass pizza

Step one - grab some fresh vegetables, it doesn't matter what you use just don't use veggies that contain lot's of water or your pizza will be gross and soggy.

Step two - dive up your veggies into bite sized chunks. This is your pizza...if you like ripping your cheeks open to stuff a mushroom in...the floor is yours.

Step three - Prepare your crust. You can make your own, buy your own and put 10 slices of whitebread together and call yourself a cook for all it matters to me. I buy my own, who the hell has time to make pizza dough? And Kraft dough is gross. I used to buy Boboli or however it's spelt...but that product seems to be gone now. So I buy generic crust from a big box store. Am I proud? Not really but I don't see you making me pizza dough.

Step four - Use a good pizza sauce. I like to buy a base paste and add my own shit to it. If I posted what I did to it...the intrigue would be gone. Start putting your sauce on in the middle of the pizza using a large spoon, then work it to the outer edges. Use as much as you like...sauce is good.

Step 5 - Layer on whatever you like. I don't understand "meals" without meat...so on goes the ham to start with. The trick with a good pizza is not too many toppings and to build around the hole in the middle. Due to the nature of pizza if you lump all of your ingredients into the middle and hope that it will work it's way out...you are wrong. You will end up with an unedible mess that just falls apart on you because eveything you cook has water in it and it is all being captured in the middle.

Step 6 - cheese cheese and more cheese. I'm not one to concern myself with health related eating issues. There is enough to worry about in this world. Cheese isn't high on the list. Again...work that cheese to the outside and leave a pocket in the middle. When it cooks it will move like lava and fill in the gaps.

Step 7 - If you're having friends over add some oregano to the pizza...doesn't add much taste unless you add lots, but it sure does make mouths water.

<-- you can see here that it looks fantastic...but maybe, just maybe I've put on too many toppings and the center is taking awhile to cook.

Ta Da...one bomb ass pizza

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