It's time for another Pizza....

So I had an earlier post about a delicious pizza we created, seems to me that I really like pizza, it take nice pictures, doesn't get fussy when it's called names and is generally a good all round companion. So here is my friend Mr Yam-izza -

First - won't go into the whole crust thing, do what you want when you want where you want
Second - It's pizza...put anything on it you like. Period
Third - Cook the hell out of it. Get that oven hot, don't just let it pre-heat for 5 minutes, that's some environmentalists version of saving the planet, let's agree that you using your oven like it should be won't make a ding dang bit of difference in the big picture.
Four - Get a pizza stone and you can layer that bad ass up. If not, don't layer it so much. Seriously though, pizza stone = 15$ good pizza = pricless.

Get your stuff ready...I've got red onions, broccoli, mushrooms, garlic and some artichoke hearts. Out of picture you will find some amazing sausage from the polish deli just down on 36th st close 17th ave.

With pizza stone you can put cheese up down and all around, don't try this with a baking sheet and if you try it without the pizza may be a little crispy. But get it on there...all of it. Somehow black olives arrived, I think after being relegated to the thrid shelf they had it with my fridges caste system and made a run for it. Run into my tummy tastey olives...yum!

This thing is looking like a Verns pizza only without the gross. There is good pizza and then there is the Verns experience, everyone should try it but after going back a few times you realize that eating a pound of excessively salty ham is not the best way to enjoy a pizza.

You can't see it because it's covered in cheese but these roasted yam and butter bits went on just before the cheese. Look at that garlic chunk just hanging out down there between those brightly coloured yams.

Now sometimes life throws you a curveball, like when the project was just too good to stop and think, "Wait...did I miss something?". Well in this case I missed the final picture...LOL

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How much is your blog worth?