rib eye...fresh corn and fake that's camping!

Take 2 10oz Rib Eye steaks, marbled nicely and seasoned with whatever spice you can find

Slap them on an open fire grill

Yes you could use real potatoes...but when you are camping some things just taste right. Puritan Stew...and fake potatoes
And that's all she wrote folks! Finish this off with a cool beer...and you are lights out before you know it! idea what happened to the formatting here...old post and I'm not going to bother fixing it

It's time for the cookie exchange....

So I do this cookie exchange from work every year and I don't think I've ever made public the private collection of pictures...without further delay here are the three years of exchanges I have recorded.

Sometimes you're sitting around, it's freaking cold outside and you didn't buy any you grab waht's left and make some survival food...and then it turns out to be f'ing delicious!

  • The eat
  • The Problem....old veggies and no real gc's
  • The Solution.... whatevers left in the fridge, heat and bacon

As you can see...Broccoli, mushrooms, bacon and asparagus are rounding out this mix

Now as you can see, there isn't a lot of bacon in there. In fact this was the point in time where a heroine addict would lashout at their loved ones and steal the neighbours dog for a ransom attempt, that's how little bacon was available. Anyway, my hard times are not your concern, please though send bacon if you can, mail, drop off, pick up, I will be loving you like I say I do, only I really will be.

Now I'm not one for crappy asparagus, it get's that bitter nasty taste to it....and it makes your pee smell. However in this case it worked well, Two pieces left and the fridge was truly bare.

It was looking good...just needed something gooey on top

See....cheese makes it all come together! It was delicious if I do say so myself

Surf and Turf celebration from the archives!

I've been meaning to post something for awhile but to be totally honest I shifted from in-house meals to out-of-house meals more and more. I don't like it...but it happened. Let's do what we can to get it corrected...

Here is a surf and turf from the archives, dates June 09/2010, a wednesday. Pretty good wednesday dinner if you ask me!

King crab is the only crab to buy. If all you have available is snow crab...go get yourself something else to eat. Most of the time you can only find golden crab but when you can get red(also called blue) do so!

I'm getting so hungry already...this is a ridculous exercise in torture.

Obviously I'm a fan of sauted mushrooms! If you haven't sauted mushrooms (or anything for that matter), Saute means to fry at a high heat. Use whatever kind of fat you want. Clarified butter is best but also regular butter, olive oil etc. Get your pan nice and hot, don't be afraid to leave it there for a few seconds longer after you think its ready. Toss in the fat (regular butter burns at a lower temperature so be careful), throw in the mushrooms, spice them and cook them till they are golden delicious! Some people like them cooked all to hell and back and others like them a little fresh.

Now some people might be wide eyed at the lump of delliciousness being on that their potato, rest assured, I'm a butter professional.

There were some other pictures somewhere of the bread used for this beast. It was (you can just see a little of it) a cheese bun that I split, butter and it stuffed big chunks of garlic in it. Grilled it alongside the steak for the last few minutes and viola.

My blog is worth $2,000,000 The fat recipes are like gold.
How much is your blog worth?